Struggling to figure out what shoe you are going to buy for going to the gym? Not able to find a good everyday shoe that you can wear when you head out to work or go out with your friends? The struggle to find the right type of footwear is very real – for both men and women. If you are unhappy with the past few footwear purchases you made, or you want to learn about the real value of the latest shoe models that have come out, we suggest that you take a look through our footwear review site.

We are so proud to have started this site, because we are true footwear fans at heart. Those individuals who stand in line to buy the latest Nike shoes, or obsessively check for the release of the latest designer footwear – we are those people! We have always loved shoes, both from an aesthetic and a comfort perspective. And one day we had an idea – why not create a footwear review site? Now we get to try all these amazing shoes, but we also get to help others who may want to buy those shoes! Our site is regularly updated as we try new shoes, which means you never have to wait too long for a new article!

There is one thing we would like to get out of the way immediately – we are not sponsored or represented by any shoe or footwear company! We are independent citizens who simply have a passion for shoes, and decided to turn their passion into an online review site. We are not paid to write reviews for any company. While we do receive some shoes for free or at a discounted price, our reviews are never for sale. We have reviewed countless shoes at a discounted price, yet given them a bad review where it was warranted.

Whether you are looking to buy a pair of massage sandals, or you wish to get a pair of running shoes that will help you improve your performance while maintaining comfort levels, our site is the place to turn. We already have reviews on hundreds of shoes across our site, and we are hoping to add more on a weekly basis. In some cases, we may update the text and final score of our review if we experience some unexpected positives or negatives with a pair of shoes after the initial review went out.