Top Three Reasons to Wear Comfortable Sandals and Shoes

There are many great shoes and sandals on the market, especially when you are making a purchase through online retailers. However, a number of the shoes and sandals that are on the market are only bought by customers because of their aesthetic appeal. These footwear types are not necessarily great for the health of those who are wearing them on a daily basis. It is easy for us to say that you should focus on shoes and sandals such as the Kenkoh Massage Sandal, which is extremely comfortable for everyday walking, but many do not understand the risks they take when they wear uncomfortable shoes. Here is a look at the top three reasons to always go with the comfortable shoe over the uncomfortable one:

  1. Impact on the Body

When you feel pain in your feet because you are wearing an uncomfortable shoe, you may suck it up thinking you will take it off eventually. And you may think the pain or damage is restricted to your feet. But the way the body works is a little different. When you are walking, your entire body is moving in a certain way. And when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, the entire motion you go through while taking a step changes, which means your joints, heels, ankles, knees and back are all impacted in some way or another.

  1. Endurance

Do you ever feel as though you are physically exhausted from walking for 10 or 15 minutes, even though you are not out of breath? Since you can rule out your cardiovascular endurance, you may want to take a look at the shoes you are wearing. If you are physically unable to keep walking after 15 or 20 minutes, it probably means the shoes you are wearing are causing damage to your feet and other parts of your body, even if you are not aware of it!

  1. Comfort

The main reason why we always say you should wear shoes such as the Kenkoh Massage Sandal is comfort! When you are walking long distances in the city, or running errands, you are going to want to feel comfortable. Yes, we all want to look good when we go outside. But unless you are going to a fashion show or a fancy dinner party, you may want to put more of a priority on your body’s short and long-term health. Being comfortable is not only about feeling good in the moment, but on the positive impact you are having on your feet and the rest of your body.