One of the best ways for any company to get recognition for their products is by having them featured at review sites. If your company has recently emerged in the footwear industry, or you have some new models that have come out in recent weeks, you may want to have them featured on our review site. As you can see from our viewer counts on each article, our site generates a very impressive amount of traffic. Our readers value our objectivity and our expertise in reviewing the latest sandals, jogging shoes, heels and flats. It would benefit any shoe company to have their product featured on our site.

There are two ways the process can work – a shoe company could send us samples of their shoes, and we would spend a few days trying out the shoe before writing a review and posting it on our site. In other cases, the company could offer us a pair of shoes at a discounted rate. In these cases, it is up to us to make a determination about whether or not we will review the shoe. In the case where the shoe is manufactured by a major company, we would make the purchase at a discounted price so our readers can enjoy our review.

But for shoes from brands that do not have as much recognition, our reviews are generally limited to those products we are sent to sample – free of charge. The reason is simple – we only have a limited amount of money to spend on shoes each week or month. We often have to make a decision about the shoe models we are happy to buy for reviewing purposes. So if you wish to have your shoe reviewed on our site, and we have yet to reach out to you regarding that particular shoe, sending us a free sample is the best way to get your product featured on our site.